About Us

Grand City Properties is a specialist in residential real estate, investing in value-add opportunities in densely populated areas predominantly in Germany. The Group’s portfolio is focused on North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany’s most populous federal state, Berlin, Germany’s capital and Grand City’s single largest city in the portfolio, the fast growing metropolitan regions of Dresden, Leipzig and Halle, and the largest cities in the north of Germany, Bremen, Hamburg and Hannover as well as other major urban centers such as Nuremberg, Munich, Mannheim, Frankfurt and London.

Strategy and business model

GCP’s investment focus is on the German and London residential markets that it perceives to benefit from favorable fundamentals that will support stable profit and growth opportunities for the foreseeable future. The Group’s current portfolio is predominantly focused on Berlin, North Rhine-Westphalia, the metropolitan regions of Leipzig, Dresden and Halle and London, as well as other major cities and urban centers in Germany. The Company follows a selective acquisition criteria and benefits from internal growth potential from the acquisitions of high cash flow generating and under-rented properties with vacancy reduction potential.

Business model

Grand City Properties offers a well-balanced mix of properties that are attractively located. The company has dedicated and experienced staff members permanently located in its central and regional offices. In addition, Grand City Properties has a centralized 24/7 Service Center to coordinate and assure the highest level of tenant satisfaction. The Company puts emphasis on high tenant satisfaction, which it sees as an integral part of its business model.