Grand City Properties is defined by the talented and diverse people who make up its staff. Our ability to operate a successful business and create value for our stakeholders is a direct result of their skills and competence. As an employer GCP is committed to creating an environment that attracts top professionals, inspires employees to leverage their unique talents, and offers all staff opportunities to develop further. We are dedicated to a corporate philosophy that is founded on working together with mutual respect and fostering personal growth.

GCP invests in the long-term potential and growth of its human capital in order that its staff may acquire the skills needed for new challenges. Providing equal opportunities and adequate pay are self-evident components of its responsibility as an employer. The company likewise cultivates diversity in all its forms as breadth of perspective is a valuable source of synergies that promote innovation and business success.


To underline its commitment to diversity in the workplace, GCP is a signatory of the German Diversity Charter, a corporate initiative that promotes diversity in companies and institutions. A wide range of other corporate policies which enshrine our commitments and expectations are communicated to staff. Our Sustainability Report takes a closer look at these policies, compliance with relevant EU regulations, and our many voluntary activities, such as stringent ongoing satisfaction monitoring.