Environmental Responsibility


Grand City Properties bases its portfolio activities on the philosophy that renewing and revaluing rather than destroying and rebuilding is a valuable contribution to tackling the societal and environmental challenges of the future. GCP is committed to continually improving the environmental profile of its portfolio as this benefits our clients, society, and our business success in equal measure.

GCP complies fully with the comprehensive legal framework governing emissions reduction and energetic building improvements bounded by EU regulations as well as national-level requirements in Germany. In addition, GCP’s fundamental commitment to reducing environmental impact is formally defined in a range of corporate policies that guide both internal decision-making and agreements with suppliers and business partners.


One of our explicit aims with regard to environmental management is to continually optimize the consumption of fossil fuels and energy in order to reduce the related COemissions associated with our portfolio overall. To achieve this and other environmental objectives, close monitoring and regular reviews of energy consumption, waste, and emissions is essential. GCP is constantly working to expand the quantity and quality of its data collection and tailor its investments accordingly. The company’s activities in this regard, the strategy used to ensure impactful measures and activities, and our concrete policies are detailed in our Sustainability Report.