Grand City Properties considers its tenants’ well-being and safety as vital to the successful development of the company’s long-term performance. In addition to compliance with all mandated regulations, GCP strives to continually increase its tenants’ living standards. It offers high-quality residential units and attractive, safe surroundings as well as top service quality. As a landlord focused on affordable housing, GCP is committed to affordable and sustainable renting. We seek to also ensure stability and security of our tenants.


Extensive assessments of buildings’ structural and visual characteristics provide the basis for targeted refurbishment activities. In addition to aesthetic measures, structural upgrades in residential units include improvement of a building’s energy profile.

For round-the-clock tenant care, GCP operates an in-house ISO 9001-certified Service Center with assistance available in several languages. We extensively monitor the quality of our services and tenant satisfaction through direct feedback and surveys. This commitment to quality of service helps eliminate sources of dissatisfaction and fosters ongoing dialogue regarding tenants’ needs. Our Sustainability Report provides transparent information on our engagement with local authorities and other tenant-related activities.